Vocabulario Alimentos

Agriarse To Turn Sour
Agridulce Sweet And Sour
Agrio Sour
Amargo Bitter
Apetitoso Appetizing
Asqueroso Disgusting
Avinagrarse To Become Bitter
Buen Gusto Good Taste
Catar, Probar, Degustar To Taste
Delicioso Delicious
Disgustar To Dislike
Dulce Sweet
Dulce, Azucarado Sugary
Empalagoso Sickly
Gustar To Like
Insípido Flat
Mal Sabor Bad Taste
Muy Apetitoso Mouthwatering
Papila Gustativa Taste Bud
Picante Hot, Spicy
Saber A To Taste Of
Sabor Taste
Sabor, Gusto Flavour (Uk), Flavor (Us)
Sabroso Savoury (Uk), Savory (Us)
Sabroso Tasty
Salado Salty
Sentido Del Gusto Taste
Soso, Sin Sabor Flavourless (Uk), Flavorless (Us)
Soso, Sin Sabor Tasteless
Suave Mild, Bland