Vocabulario INGLÉS

a band of soldiers
a bouquet of flowers
a brood of hens
a bunch of grapes
a caravan of camels
a cast of hawks
a circle of friends
a clowder of cats
a clump of trees
a collection of coins
a colony of ants
a crew of sailors
a crowd of people
a deck of cards
a dole of doves
a dray of squirrels
a drove of cattle
a fleet of ships
a flock of sheep
a gaggle of geese/tourists/children
a gam of whales
a gang of thieves
a group of people
a herd of cattle
a hive of bees
a horde of children
a leap of leopards
a mass of people
a mob of hooligans
a pack of cards
a panel of experts
a parliament of owls
a party of visitors
a plague of locusts
a pride of lions
a school of fish
a set of teeth
a sheaf of papers
a shelf of books
a shoal of fish
a sloth of bears
a stack of chairs/papers/dishes
a string of pearls
a swarm of bees
a troop of monkeys
a troupe of actors/singers